We Are Living In A Mobile World - Is Your Website Truly Optimized to Sell Tickets?

January 18, 2017

As the analytics lead at Capacity Interactive, my job revolves around on-site behavioral data - collecting it, analyzing it, making informed decisions and strategic recommendations based on it. Data can be analyzed in many ways, and I don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Every client is unique - in who they are, what their objectives are, what kind of content they have, how their website looks, what tech platforms they use, etc.

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Boot Camp Through the Years

October 13, 2016

This year we are presenting our sixth annual Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the Arts. To commemorate, we did what any sensible digital marketer would do...we created an infographic! Enjoy.

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You Should (A/B) Test That!

September 22, 2016

As arts marketers, we’re always looking to optimize our digital campaigns and be more efficient with our budgets. We have to or we'll see a direct impact on ticket sales. 

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So You Want to Launch a New Institutional Website? Read this first!

April 7, 2016

I hear these requests far too often from arts marketers. I don’t blame them for wanting something fast and inexpensive, but these timelines and budgets are incredibly unrealistic and create a domino effect that causes more work, lots of headaches, and ultimately leads to poor websites that keep our industry in the dark ages.

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Practical Advice for Managing Your Website Redesign

August 26, 2015

Seattle Opera launched a new website in July – not just a new design, but also a new CMS and a new e-commerce engine. It was almost a two year ride to get here. 

I was the project manager from the start to finish and reflected on a few items that made this project successful, plus some advice I wish I had at the start.  

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2013 Performing Arts Digital Marketing Benchmark Study

July 15, 2014

We compiled survey data to create benchmarks to help you compare your digital marketing efforts with other performing arts organizations.  Our report looks at social media, digital advertising, analytics, email, mobile and website maintenance.  

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Performing Arts Digital Advertising Benchmarks

December 10, 2013

Facebook advertising more effective than banners.

To further our goal of providing current, industry-specific benchmarks to the performing arts industry, we took a comprehensive look at digital advertising performance, specifically retargeting banner and Facebook campaigns.

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Performing Arts Digital Marketing Benchmarks

September 9, 2013

Arts marketers often ask me questions like, “What percentage of advertising budgets are most arts organizations spending on digital ads?” and “What percentage of tickets are most organizations selling online?” 

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Seven Characteristics of Orgs that are Succeeding in the Age of Digital Marketing

January 20, 2012

I've worked with a lot of arts orgs and I've seen some similar characteristics among the ones that are succeeding with their digital marketing. Here are seven characteristics of the orgs that are flourishing:

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Six Ways to Improve How Your Arts Organization Uses Google Analytics

December 13, 2011

If you sell tickets or accept donations on your website, you are, at least in part, an ecommerce company.

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