How We Helped Manhattan Neighborhood Network Create a Search-First Blog Strategy

March 22, 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a reputation for being overly technical, but some of the most impactful optimizations rely on user-centric content creation. Adopting a search-first mindset for your website content can increase the volume and quality of website traffic.

Combining keyword research and AI writing tools, we helped Manhattan Neighborhood Network turn their blog into an upper-funnel dream that directly increased impressions and clicks to their website.

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How We Helped Berkeley Repertory Theatre Drive Revenue for a Regional Premiere

March 16, 2023

Regional theater premieres can be golden opportunities to build on a show’s momentum, setting you up to run a comprehensive Meta campaign that meets revenue goals and also drives awareness of and sales for subscriptions, classes, and additional shows.

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The Return of Meta’s 28-Day Attribution: A Full Picture of Audience Buying Behavior

March 7, 2023

Get your confetti ready. 28-day attribution windows in Meta are back. But before we start popping bottles, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. (Yes, we’re going to revisit iOS 14, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!)

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Hi, CI with Stephanie O'Brien

March 1, 2023

Hi, CI! is a series featuring the best team we know—the Capacity Interactive team! Today, meet Stephanie O'Brien: a CI Digital Marketing Senior Analyst whose creativity seemingly knows no bounds—from crocheting, sewing, metalsmithing and more!

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How We Helped The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Increase ROIs with Tiered Campaigns

March 1, 2023

As arts marketers, we know that digital strategies are not one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to symphony orchestras and their large volume of programming.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is the largest performing arts organization in the southwest United States. Their team markets upwards of four dozen programs per season, and the orchestra reaches more than 243,000 adults and children annually through performances, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives. 

When we launched our partnership with the DSO in 2019, we knew their jam-packed seasons demanded a unique digital solution. We developed a tiered advertising strategy for the DSO’s Meta campaigns that minimizes audience redundancies, decreases the likelihood of ad fatigue, and keeps costs low.

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How We Helped The Denver Art Museum Seal the Deal with Lapsed Members

February 22, 2023

It’s no secret that the pandemic has shifted the subscription and membership landscape. With subscriptions declining 27% compared to pre-pandemic levels and arts buyers increasingly hesitant to plan far in advance, selling subscriptions and memberships can feel like an uphill battle. But it’s not impossible, especially with an innovative digital strategy. 

We worked with The Denver Art Museum to employ their first-party data to successfully close member renewals, drive revenue, and create excitement around a key exhibition.

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2023 Digital Priorities: SEO for Content Creators

February 15, 2023

Let’s start by acknowledging that SEO content creation might seem like an endless task or writing blog article after blog article. What if we told you that in 2023 and beyond, SEO doesn’t have to be hard if you approach it in the right way?

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2023 Digital Priorities: Institutional Campaigns

February 9, 2023

When crafting a digital advertising campaign, most content seeks to answer the question, “Why should I see this show/concert/exhibition?” This has valuable short-term sales results and is a significant part of the puzzle as arts marketers work to bring in audiences and meet their show-specific sales goals. 

But while shows eventually must close, your organization's purpose remains evergreen. Investing in long-term campaigns—also known as institutional campaigns—is a strategic investment in future audiences and a great way to diversify your marketing strategy.

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How We Helped The Washington Ballet Surpass its Nutcracker Revenue Goals

February 2, 2023

Holiday productions bring in crucial revenue for performing arts organizations, but selling the same show year after year is no easy feat. 

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2023 Digital Priorities: Privacy-Focused Measurement

February 1, 2023

Measuring the success of your organization’s marketing strategies continues to be critically important. It’s also undeniable that privacy policies and government regulations are changing how we collect and analyze data. 

Consumers are holding businesses to higher standards than ever before. According to a Cisco study, 89% of people want more control over how their data is used, and the majority are willing to spend time and money to protect that data.

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