Missed out on Boot Camp or looking for a refresher? The following sessions are now available:

The Realities of Building a 21st Century Website
Moderators: Johnna Gluth & Christopher Williams, Capacity Interactive
Panelists:  Kristina Murti - Associate Director of Marketing, Seattle Opera
Rachael Wilkinson - Digital Marketing Manager, Studio Theatre

Building a modern website is complex and very resource-intensive. Selecting the right external partners is just one step; managing the internal needs of your organization, and balancing the resource demands of the project, is even more challenging. Now that websites must be mobile-friendly and responsive to keep up with constant changes in technology (plus ever-changing internal needs), the challenge is that much greater. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from three arts marketers who’ve recently overseen major website redesigns. You’ll learn from their successes, challenges, and overall accomplishments.

Creating a Content-Driven Website
Presented by Thomas Weitz, Former Associate Director of Digital Strategy, San Francisco Ballet 

Audiences fall in love with brands and are moved by their stories. But, how do we apply this narrative-centric model of thinking to a digital context? Using real world examples, Thomas Weitz, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at the San Francisco Ballet, and former Director of Digital Assets at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, will walk through User Experience (UX) models, content strategies, and content planning methodologies that will help you make the shift from short term tactical messaging, to a more substantive relationship with your audience that will yield more revenue and a more satisfying experience for your patrons.

2013 Shift Index Metrics
Culture Track 2014, La Placa Cohen
Success of Struggle: ROA as a True Measure of Business Performance
Technology Should Be About More than EfficiencyAnne Bogart, And Then, You Act
Working with Small Arts Organizations: How and Why It Matters
Jim Collins, Good to Great and the Social Sectors
NY Times Innovation Report
John Maynard Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936)

How to Develop a Content Strategy that will Draw People In 
Presented by Meghan Keaney Anderson
VP of Marketing, Hubspot 

Prospective buyers attracted through content and other inbound marketing tactics cost on average 61% less to acquire than those generated through advertising or other outbound techniques. This session will help you build a content strategy, create magnetic copy, choose the right channels to promote it and measure its effectiveness at driving your bottom lines.

The Cost of Advertising National Broken Down by Medium
MIT/HubSpot ROI Report
State of Inbound 2014-2015 Report
10 Free Infographic Templates in PowerPoint

Creating Strong Content with Limited Resources
Presented by Gabriela Jirasek
Director of New Media, Goodman Theatre

Success in our digital world requires high quality content. And lots of it. Arts marketers must be resourceful, creative and strategic with their time and resources in order to output the assets required for compelling digital campaigns. Often doing a lot with very little time and just a small budget. In this session Gabriela Jirasek from the Goodman Theatre will share the strategies and resources she uses to support the Goodman’s social and video efforts.

Windows Movie Maker
iMovie for Mac - Apple
The Graphics Fairy
Death to the Stock Photo
New Old Stock

Cut a Print Ad, Create a Video
Presented by Erik Gensler

President, Capacity Interactive

Video consumption on PC’s and mobile devices is skyrocketing. More than half of U.S. users who visit Facebook daily watch at least one video. In a typical day, 98% of 18-to-34-year-olds report watching videos on their phone. As an arts marketer, the content of your videos must be as compelling as the work you put on your stage. This session will showcase some of the best produced videos we’ve seen from the arts world, outline why video is so important for your marketing, and give tips to improve your video creation.

Stellar Marketing Videos
Cut a Print Ad. Create a Video.
Are You Watching What is On?
65% of Facebook Video Views Are Now on Mobile Devices
Seth Godin

Mobile Matters
Presented by Kim Rust

Founder, Rustcraft Digital 

Whether you still don’t have a responsive site or are considering releasing version 2.0 of your mobile app, this session will teach mobile web and mobile app best practices through the use of cross-industry case studies. You will leave this session able to take an actionable step towards mobile optimizing for your patrons and members as soon as you get back to the office. From non-profit to healthcare to media and retail, this session’s speaker has spent all day, everyday for the past 5 years helping companies of all industries go mobile or optimize their existing mobile presence.

KPMG, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, EOY 2014 
Who Will Win the Android vs. iPhone Race? 
U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015 
Google PageSpeed Insights 
50 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts and Statistics 
Apps and Mobile Web: Understanding the Two Sides of the Mobile Coin

Use Your Words: Quick Tips for Digital Copy Success
Presented by Sara Villagio
Former Director of Marketing, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Current Chief Marketing Officer, Carnegie Hall 

Writing the right copy for Facebook, email marketing, and websites can be a struggle. Marketers are inherently creative, but we’ve all been to that place: what else can you possibly say about that concert, event, or show, when you’ve exhausted every single angle? This session gives you the down and dirty fast tips for pumping out effective and compelling copy for digital channels.

Failure Analysis Checklist, Unstuck
A.1. "New Friend Requests"
Manhattan Mini Storage
JetBlue Airways
Straight Outta Comp Tickets


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