For Your Viewing Pleasure: Stellar Arts Marketing Videos

November 12, 2015

Blog 2015.11 For Your Viewing Pleasure - Stellar Arts Marketing Videos
Video content is critical to your digital marketing strategy. I frequently say —"Cut a Print Ad. Create a Video." 

Online video consumption is massive and growing. Facebook just reported they are serving 8 billion video impressions per day. Performing arts ticket buyers watch 5 million YouTube videos every month, according to Google. Studies have found that video on a website leads to higher conversion rates and higher average order values.  

So you have the facts. What's next? Get inspired. This year we debuted a reel of stellar arts marketing videos at Digital Marketing Boot Camp for the ArtsWe looked for videos across the budget spectrum (from hiring a large crew to producing in-house), from different genres (examples from theater, opera, dance, museums, and music) and various places on the marketing funnel (a short promo clip to grab attention on social vs. a longer piece for someone already on your website or YouTube channel). 

 Edited by Cinevative

I hope this collection inspires you to brainstorm creative ideas and to make room in your budget for video content. We want to feature your examples next year. And if you want more information, check out the full Boot Camp presentation here.

Please share any great arts marketing videos you have come across or have created in the comments section below.

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