Our Values: They Truly Guide How We Operate

March 6, 2017

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Openness. Happiness. Growth Mindset. Sharing. Measurement. Partnership. Passion.

These values guide everything we do at CI, from how we hire to how we work with our clients. Our values are so important to us, they are painted on the wall of our office as a daily reminder to our team.

Values are important because the work will always change, but our values will remain as guideposts to keep us focused and working from a place of unity and mission.

Updated: February 11, 2021

We believe in these fundamental values:


We strive to be an open and inclusive workplace. 

We make every effort to be accessible to one another regardless of one’s position. 

Everyone’s voice and feedback has value and all are welcome in the arena. 

Transparency is foundational to trust and belonging; we endeavor to share as much data and feedback as possible with one another. 

We seek an environment that encourages vulnerability and curiosity; our space will always be open to questions and ideas.


We pursue a fun, supportive, and enriching climate in which all of us can thrive, bring our whole selves, and do our best work. 

We aim to create communication pathways and safe spaces to ensure everyone’s perspective can be heard.


We strive to further develop and expand our interpersonal and vocational skills. 

Taking risks is part of our job. Mistakes provide us meaningful opportunities to learn and grow; innovation is often the byproduct. 

We all give and receive feedback as it is essential to our growth.


We share our wins and losses with each other and the field, which helps everyone grow.

Knowledge is empowering and we endeavor to share it as widely as possible. 

We seek opportunities for cross-team collaboration.  

We strive to be thought-leaders in our field.


We believe that data makes us smarter. 

We rely on data both to measure past performance and to inform future initiatives.

Data should be a key consideration when making decisions but cannot be the only input in the process. 

We are on a continued search to provide ourselves and our clients with the industry leading approach to measurement and analytics.


We seek to build meaningful relationships with each other and our clients through empathy, generosity, and trust. 

We create an atmosphere that invites our clients to see us as an extension of their own teams. 

We find solutions to make our clients' investments go further. 

Our successes are our clients' successes and vice versa. 

We aim for an agile approach to our work and our relationship building because we acknowledge that everyone is unique.
We understand that our clients have many competing priorities and we are here to make their jobs easier and better. 

We seek to delight our clients with our work.


We believe in the importance of arts and culture and we infuse our work with that passion. 

We strive to help evolve the sector in which we work. 

We demonstrate our passion and enthusiasm for our work and its value to our clients and colleagues.

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