2016 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study

2016 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study


Key Takeaways:

Arts organizations are underinvesting in websites, particularly mobile experiences.

  • 63% of organizations indicated they did not have enough budget to adequately maintain their websites. 

  • 39% of organizations reported not having a mobile-friendly ticketing path, 37% reported not having a mobile “select-your-own-seat” module, and 61% reported not having a mobile-friendly subscription path. 

The industry is underinvesting in content and digital marketing compared to other industries.

  • 49% of organizations indicated that “creating compelling content” was a challenge. 57% of organizations spent 5% or less of their budget creating content for the web/social.

  • The percentage of advertising budget allocated to digital advertising increased to 29%, up from 24% the year prior.

For the fifth year in a row, “not enough budget” was the biggest challenge for organizations in implementing digital initiatives.

  • 63% of organizations listed limited budgets as a challenge for them. 44% said “not enough internal knowledge” was a challenge. Only 15% of organizations listed “no leadership support,” the lowest this has ever been.
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