2014 Benchmark Study

Market research data from over 125 performing arts organizations covering calendar year 2014.

We hope this report will help your organization market smarter.

Key takeaways:

Arts organizations are more social.

100% of organizations have Facebook accounts and 97% of organizations are paying for Facebook advertising. 

81% of organizations now have Instagram accounts and most are posting a few times a week. Instagram followers of arts organizations have more than doubled year over year.

Arts patrons are more mobile, although many organizations are not.

59% of arts organizations have seen at least a quarter of their website traffic from mobile devices versus 24% just a year ago. 

Only 61% of organizations have mobile or mobile-optimized sites. 

Most arts organizations are spending more on digital efforts, but limited budgets driven by a lack of comprehensive strategy, leadership support, and internal skills are still a major problem.

About half are allocating at least 21% of paid media budgets to digital, up from one third of organizations in 2013. 

For the third year in a row, respondents indicated that “not enough budget” is the biggest obstacle for digital marketing success. 

There was a jump in organizations indicating that “not enough internal knowledge,” “no clear digital strategy,” and “no leadership support” hurt digital efforts.